Our wholesale division has been in existence since 1994 as West Coast/Van Can Floral. In 1997, West Coast/Van Can Wholesale decided to join forces with West Coast Growers. A 10,000 square foot warehouse facility was constructed in the next year to accommodate the needs of the wholesale division which moved onto the property in August 1, 1998. The wholesale handles potted indoor and outdoor plants as well as cut flowers and various other novelty items for our customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

West Coast Floral had it’s humble beginning in a barn facility in Langley. Our primary customers were in Alberta and the sales team would offer products which consisted of indoor plants to be packed and shipped in boxes on our own trucks. The route driven once a week through Calgary and Edmonton would depart every Tuesday evening. They very soon outgrew their facility and moved to a warehouse in Langley to continue their growing operation.

At about the same time, Central Valley wholesale had started it’s operation specializing in cut flowers and taking advantage of the West Coast truck to ship their products to our shared customers. They moved their operation along with West Coast Floral to Langley as well. During this time, the owners of Central Valley were presented with an opportunity to purchase Van Can Floral, which was a similar wholesale operation to West Coast Floral except that it serviced the Saskatchewan, and Manitoba markets with potted plants. They opened up in the warehouse next to West Coast Floral as Van Can Floral Brokers and along with Central Valley, continued their operations there.

Over the course of time it became clear that to put the two companies under one umbrella was the wisest course of action and West Coast/Van Can Floral was born. The company enjoyed steady growth over the next couple of years and soon began to outgrow its’ facilities once more. During this time we had developed a relationship with West Coast Growers, and soon decided it was to our mutual benefits to put these two companies together. The customized warehouse was constructed on the greenhouse property, the name was changed to West Coast Floral Growers and Distributors, and the rest, as they say, is history.