Our Team

Sales Team

Vince Vanranden

Cut Flowers Sales Manager

Vince has been apart of West Coast Floral for over 22 years now.  On top of being the manager of cut flower sales, Vince is also our IT manager.

Nathan Vanhuizen

Plant Sales Manager

Nathan has been with West Coast for about 9 years and is the plant sales manager.  Nathan brings a lot of experience to the table, with over 15 years in the industry. 

Rob Falk

Cut Flower Account Rep

Rob Falk has been with West Coast Floral since 2012.  He has been an integral part of our sales team within that time as he has a lot of experience within the industry.  Rob has many hobbies outside of sales, including music, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, camping and fishing.

Micah Jansen VanDoorn

Flower Account Rep

Micah has been part of our sales staff for 6 months now; although he has been a part of this company for 10 years.  Micah recently graduated from Trinity Western University after completing his BBA in leadership and management.


Jacob Doerksen

Freight Manager

Jacob has recently taken over our freight department.  Jacob has been working off and on both in the warehouse and the retail divisions over the past 4 years in between travelling the world playing professional basketball.  Jacob completed his Business degree at Trinity Western University in 2011.  


Joyce Vandermey


Joyce, along with her husband John Vandermey, are the other half of West Coast Growers, Gardens, Floral & Distributors.  They started as a small greenhouse outfit, later amalgamating with Marvin & Carolyn JansenVandoorn to become one company.  On top of being a co-owner Joyce participates in a lot of day to day operations and administrative work within all divisions.

Shipping Team

Brenda Jeklin

Shipping Team

Karl Loeffler

Shipping Team