Growing Roots in the Community

Contributing to the community is one of the core values that our team embraces, actively seeking volunteer opportunities to give back. As a long-standing member of the South Surrey community, our latest initiative was for the residents of the Peace Arch Foundation Lodge.

Opened in April of 2020, the state-of-the-art residential care facility provides medical services for patients requiring complex residential care, specialized mental health treatment, and hospice care. Peace Arch Hospital Foundation is an organization that is close to our hearts because of their mission to raise funds, advocate, and support initiatives that enhance the health and wellness of the seniors in our community. This year, we wanted to show our support for the foundation by focussing on their shared outdoor garden and courtyard space. With the pandemic creating feelings of isolation for seniors who have been unable to visit with their loved ones, we wanted to create beautiful patio spaces to host those long-awaited reunions between family and friends now that they can visit once again.

On a sunny day in June, a team of nine eager volunteers partook in socially distanced gardening in Peace Arch Foundation Lodge’s outdoor courtyards. With the collective motivation to support an impactful pillar in our community, our team weeded, groomed, and planted petunias, heucheras, bacopas, geraniums, grasses, and hostas. While hard at work, the team would occasionally receive a friendly wave or knocks on windows of gratitude from residents inside their rooms.

The end result was the transformation of two beautifully landscaped outdoor garden spaces so that residents can enjoy the fresh air and have a safe and secluded space for visits throughout the summer!