Our Variety of Homegrown Products

We consistently grow an extraordinary range of beautiful indoor and outdoor plants and fresh florals in our 16 greenhouses on our 24 acres in South Surrey, BC. Over the years, we have honed and deepened the art of floriculture in the products we grow and method we grow them. We pursue a balance between modern greenhouse methods and hands-on growing, paying attention to each and every one of the three million plants we grow each year.

While our products vary by season and availability, the quality and freshness of our homegrown succulents, tropicals, cut floral, annuals, hanging baskets, and other plant products plants never changes!

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Offering a selection of healthy and diverse tropical plants grown from our very own greenhouses

Providing competitive prices on the freshest seasonal and annual floral cuts and stems

Featuring a selection of high quality and durable pots that can be purchased by the case, or in a plant upgrade

Innovating our growing methods with an extensive assortment of 78 and 50 plug liner sizes

Herbs & Vegetables

Increasing our extensive product offerings with deliciously aromatic fresh herbs and vegetables


Growing a wide and colourful variety of hanging and potted succulents year-round 

Annuals & Perennials

Springing into the year, our diverse selection of colourful annuals and hardy perennials are expertly grown in our greenhouses

Hanging Baskets

Designing unique arrangements, our studio never fails to create an eye-catching basket


Complementing seasonal holidays, we provide festive cuts, plants and potted designs