About Us

Since 1989, West Coast Floral has been planted on 24 acres in South Surrey, BC, creating roots in the community while growing our distribution throughout North America to consistently provide unique and inspiring plants, cut floral and designs.

With over three million plants grown each year in our extensive greenhouses, we inspire a love for garden and home in our wholesale and retail relationships with creative natural designs and fresh healthy products delivered with dependability. Growing one of the largest succulent selections in Canada, West Coast Floral is known for exceeding industry standards through our family values and innovative thinking. 

We also operate a retail garden centre in South Surrey offering plants and home decor for gardens and homes. Visit our retail site to browse our products we carry at West Coast Gardens.

Meet the Team

Nathan Vanhuizen
General Manager

[email protected]

Rob Falk
Cut Flower Account Rep

1-800-668-4655 ext. 102
[email protected]

Vince Van Randen
Cut Flower Account Manager

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Matt Unger
Sales Representative

1-800-668-4655 ext. 101
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Stephanie Koldniski
Sales Specialist

1-800-668-4655 ext. 103
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Jennifer Van Randen
Plant Purchaser

1-800-668-4655 ext. 104
[email protected]

Brandon Vanden Eykel
Logistics Manager

1-800-668-4655 ext. 105
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