How It’s Done: Growing in the Greenhouse

For over 32 years, West Coast Floral has provided our customers with a diverse selection of quality plant products. Continuously updating, upgrading and adding to our growing space to meet the demand, we have over 23,000 square metres of greenhouse, cold frame and outdoor space to grow our plants.
Our greenhouses are equipped with computerized systems to monitor and regulate our growing conditions, making each greenhouse environment as efficient as possible. This includes using automated watering, shading, venting and heating systems to ensure the optimal temperature, humidity, and light conditions for the plants in each greenhouse. Our effective approach allows us to grow over three million plants every year.
However, the automated systems can’t do it all. We have a dedicated (human) team working hard to grow the best quality products for our customers, seven days a week – plants don’t take a day off. From planting an unrooted cutting in a liner, to safely packing the mature plants into our boxes for delivery, we grow our products from start to finish. This means we can easily manage the plant’s condition throughout its growth: a single plant undergoes multiple quality-control stages before eventually being planted in its finishing pot for sale and delivery to our customers.
Check out our eight-stage process for growing a greenhouse annual!