How It’s Done: Our Bonsai Program

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger, our January is spent supplying our customers with lucky Chinese New Year products like our in-house grown pachiras, pilea pancakes and bonsai. Calling our greenhouse home for 9 months, our variety of bonsai are planted in May of the year before, and then potted, packed and shipped in January.

Stats of Our Bonsai Program

Bonsai Grown: 30,000

Growing Time: 9 months

Carts Shipped: 2,010

Trucks Packed: 48

Potting, Packing & Shipping Time: 3 weeks

Growing large s-shape, small s-shape and exposed root bonsai, our crew dedicates week-long periods solely planting over 6,400 roots at a time.
Taking over our greenhouses, we create the ideal toasty tropical temperature to promote leafy growth.
At the mid-way mark, we meticulously trim and clean each and every bonsai ensuring dense and healthy growth.
For an intense 3 weeks, our crew works together to pot, pack and load the bonsais at an efficiently impressive speed of 10 carts/hour.
From receiving the bonsai, to carefully growing them in our greenhouses over 9 months, our fluffy and healthy bonsai are finally ready for their new homes!