Our Rooted Plug & Tissue Culture Liners

Combining our growing methods with innovative tissue culture techniques, we work with our reputable suppliers’ lab grown material allowing us to grow an extensive list of liners. Available in 78 and 50 plug sizes, our wide assortment of succulents and tropical liners are consistently grown and robust in quality. 

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Our Growing Techniques

Tissue culture is the cultivation of the cells, tissues or organs of a plant, using the living matter from the plant material to reproduce new, healthy and high-quality plants. Removing the need to use seeds or cuttings, this biological and scientific advancement in our growing technology results in sterile plants that are disease and virus free, uniform and robust, rapidly produced with a faster growth cycle.  

Sticking the tissue cultured grown plants in Jiffy pea pellets, we continue the sterile process maintaining a clean environment in their isolated micro-climates using an enclosed humidity chamber. Once active roots and new growth appears, we allow the liners to harden off ensuring robustness in health and success during transportation and in your own greenhouse. Our attentive growing process allows for a high-quality succulent and tropical liners.