Plant Spotlight: Ferns

Welcome to the world of ferns! An interior design classic, ferns are known for their lush green leaves reminiscent of the thriving rainforests they are native to. From feathery fronds to glossy blades, ferns have been reveling in decades of houseplant popularity.

No matter the variety, all our ferns begin their life in our greenhouses the same way. Expertly shipped all the way from the Netherlands, our ferns arrive in 104 cell plug trays which began as tissue culture 12 weeks prior to us receiving them.

After unpacking each box, we meticulously inspect each plug before carefully planting each fern directly into their end pot. Ferns are used to living in humid environments with plenty of indirect light. That’s why, in our “fern-only” greenhouse, we go the extra mile to make sure our ferns are comfortable as they could call this home for up to 15 weeks. This house is specifically designed to mimic their natural habitat of dappled shade: our roof is coated with heavy shades giving our ferns the feeling they are growing under a natural forest canopy.

Offering as many as 12 different varieties at once depending on the season, we grow over 50,000 pots of ferns a year ranging from our mini 2’’ collections, to our fully cascading 8’’ hanging baskets. Our most popular variety is the delicate Adiantum, or Maidenhair fern. However, no matter which variety you choose, you can rest assured your fern has received the best possible care from the moment it called our greenhouse home.

With a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, there’s a fern for every everyone. Plus, with some varieties being non-toxic to pets, they are a versatile and low-maintenance choice for any space.