Plant Spotlight: Kalanchoe

Meet our Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, or simply kalanchoe, for short. Growing kalanchoes year-round, with several greenhouses dedicated to the flowering succulent, we adjusting the colours grown based on the holiday schedule and seasonal demand. They are perhaps known best for both their stunning glossy scalloped-shaped leaves and impressive clusters of delicate flowers. Boasting an impressive colour choice of blooming hues, kalanchoes have an especially long bloom period, adding to the reasons why they have become such a staple in our potted arrangements.

Across multiple greenhouses, our team grows over 90,000 kalanchoe a year and approximately 10 different varieties. Each growing period begins with our unrooted cuttings sourced straight from Vietnam. As a fussy plant, the delicate cuttings are stuck directly into their final pot from the beginning, as to not disturb them from needing to be replanted once matured.

With pre-watered pots, the tip cuttings are firmly pressed into the moist soil and left to dry for about seven days. After a week, tiny roots will begin forming, and the healthy cuttings will receive their first irrigation. Keeping a close eye on the kalanchoes to ensure they are taking to the soil and new environment, bright grow lights are used to ensure the plants receive a minimum of 13 hours of light per day. The intense light schedule prevents premature flowering, allowing the kalanchoes to focus on establishing dense root systems.

After a month, our kalanchoes have completed their first growth period and this signals the beginning of the next phase: moving them into our “short day” greenhouse to initiate those buds we had previously prevented. This secondary greenhouse is equipped with floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains on a timer to limit the daylight to less than 11 hours each day. Here, each pot is spaced further apart giving room for branches to grow. The lack of light in combination with more space, encourages the kalanchoes to grow bushier and for the flowers of the succulent to bloom. What helps even more, is the use of growth retardant every week to manage the plant’s height.

After two and a half months of careful care, our kalanchoes will bloom their first flowers and we will begin planting them in our seasonal designs as the focal point in our arrangements!