Plant Spotlight: Pothos

Epipremnum aureum, also referred to as Pothos or Devil’s Ivy, is most revered for their attractive heart-shaped leaves and trailing nature. With an entire greenhouse dedicated to only just our Pothos varieties, we grow the most of this tropical in-house. Growing over 100,000 pots of Epipremnum a year, our fully enclosed “Pothos House” is setup specifically for the plant’s optimal growth conditions: the greenhouse is kept anywhere between 24-33°C with over 95% humidity throughout the year, mimicking their native South Pacific habitat of the tropical French Polynesian Islands.

Stepping into this greenhouse is like stepping into a lush, humid rainforest (boasting some of the cleanest air that can be found in the Lower Mainland). As you walk through the house, cascading vines of our well-established hanging baskets trail from above overflowing with the leaves of our Golden, Marble, Neon, Lemon Stripe, n’Joy and Emerald varieties. Providing the full “jungle” effect, these baskets provide stock for the six Pothos we grow allowing us to manage the quality and scheduling of the plant propagation ourselves.

Having the freshest cuttings from our own stock lowers our dependence on outsourced cuttings that may result in lesser quality after transport time. It also leads to more success in the early and delicate propagation process of the tropical. Sourced directly from our stock baskets, long runners of each Pothos vine are taken and split into individual single cuttings – each separated on the leaf node. Before sticking the cuttings, the soil-full grower pots are saturated with water to ensure each stem has the moisture it needs to immediately anchor itself.

The growth journey of our Pothos continues over the next four months that includes soaking the young plants in root stimulant, monitoring the rooted cuttings, observing the development of new shoots from the leaf axis at the four-week mark, and then prepping the full pots for sale after 16 weeks. From 4’’ pots to 10’’ hanging baskets, our expert Pothos growers keep this tropical greenhouse full of this popular plant throughout the year.